Music In the Beginning

My early memories of interest in music really took off in the years 1960to1963. I was given a Pocket Rocket Radio as a gift. I was still in Junior High School. At night when I was rimageseady to go to sleep, I clipped the radio to the venetian blind by my bed, put the ear piece in my ear and would fall asleep listening to the radio. In the middle of night I’d be wakened out of sleep by a loud gravel sounding raspy voice of a man called Wolfman Jack. The rock and roll was blasting on. The next day I talked with my friends and told them about this wild man on the radio late at night. It wasn’t long before the topic of conversation with friends would evolve around Wolfman Jack, rock and roll and the excitement this DJ created. His broadcast would over power all the local radio stations...

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The Life Story of Otis Redding “King of Soul”

The American soul singer Otis Redding was born in Dawson, Georgia on September 9, 1941, where he lived until he was five. During his early years, he listened to music of Little Richard and Sam Cooke and incidentally he joined the band that backed Little Richard, the Upsetters in the late 1950’s.

Otis Redding moved to Los Angeles in 1960, starting his career with singles. After just one year, he returned to his hometown and recorded “Shout Alabama.” He subsequently joined the band, The Pinetoppers and recorded a self-written ballad, “These Arms of Mine” at Memphis Stax Studios. It was a popular song reaching No. 20 on the R&B Charts during 1963. Otis Redding started his recording career arranging his songs at the Memphis Stax Studios, with high energy.

The album, “Otis Blue: Otis Re...

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The Roller Coaster Life Story of Roy Orbison ”The Big O”

No other artist has the same cool and enigmatic voice as what Roy Orbison has. The Big O was a very talented singer-songwriter and has made numerous records that

Roy Orbison

are still played today by many radio stations around the world. Hit singles like Oh Pretty Woman, Blue Bayou, Mean Woman Blues, In Dreams, Running Scared and It’s Over immortalized his name and today he is popularly known as one of the pioneers of rock and roll.

Roy Orbison’s enigmatic look caught the eye of many fans. His iconic all black attire with wayfarer shades paired together with songs that could either be very sad or inspiring has made him an “It guy” during the 60’s. But his journey to success was not that easy...

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Life Story Carl Perkins “The King of Rockabilly”

Carl Perkins was one of the greatest musicians of our time. He was born in Tiptonville, Tennessee on April 9th 1932 and he died in Jackson, Tennessee on January 19th

Carl Perkins

1998. His legacy lives on in the hearts of his fans, in the music of the people he influenced and in his own songs. Truly, musical legends never die. Known as ‘the King of Rockabilly,’ Carl Perkins produced some of the best-known music albums in America. These albums included ‘My Kind of Country,’ ‘The Class of 55’ and ‘The Survivors Live.’ Many people remember him for his all time smash hit, ‘Blue Suede Shoes.’ Here is a brief history of this man’s life.

- The Early Years

He was the son of poor sharecroppers known as Buck and Louise Perkins...

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life story Johnny Cash “The Man in Black”

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Johnny is a musical superstar that will survive forever. Most of us have heard of “The Man in Black” and lots of his records are still played nowadays. The dark clothing

Johnny Cash

he used on stage earned him this particular nickname and his awesome strong tone of voice could not be wrongly recognized for anyone else. His individual characteristics enhanced his songs and added onto his level of popularity.

He’d a particular style that integrated a significant and very humble approach with a rebellious aspect that made him stay ahead of all of the other performers within the Last century. His records often revolved across the less fortunate and some were very unfortunate in general...

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Life Story Of Chuck Berry “Father of Rock and Roll”

Charles Edward Anderson “Chuck Berry” was born on the 18th, October, 1926 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. History holds that he had early exposure to music at school and church. When he lived as a teen, Chuck was sent to prison for 3 years for armed robbery. As a young lad into the entertainment industry, he started unleashing hits in the 1950s. In 1972,

Chuck Berry

he had his first hit with the album capture ”My Ding-a-Ling.” With respect to his distinctive sounds and lyrics, he became one of the most popular figures in the world of rock music. Chuck (Charles Edward Anderson) Berry’s parents Martha and Henry were known as the grandchildren of slaves. They were known to be among the African Americans who speculated for employment during the World War I era...

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Life Story of Bo Diddley “The Originator”

Ellas Otha Bates commonly known by his stage name Bo Diddley was born in McComb, Mississippi on 30th, December 1928. His nickname “The Originator” was coined because of his key role in the transition of blues to rock. Diddley studied violin for a considerable length of time, however in the wake of listening to the music

Bo Diddley

of soul legend John Lee Hooker, he exchanged to the guitar. Getting a record contract in 1955, Diddley got the main 40 with ‘Pretty Things’ in 1956. Got a good reception and was celebrated around the world, melodies incorporate ‘Who Do You Love,’ “Mona,” and ‘Before You Accuse Me.’ In 1987, Diddley was enlisted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was known for his trademark rectangular guitar that had crowds enchanted by his tunes.

Diddley, considered to be to ...

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Little Richard: Singer, Songwriter, Musician and a Legend in Rock and Roll Music

Richard Wayne Penniman was conceived throughout the extraordinary wretchedness in Macon, Georgia. Little did anybody realize that he might turn into the

Little Richard

unparalleled Little Richard, one of the greatest innovators and establishing parts of ‘Rock and Roll.’ He had presentation to religion a large portion of his life as his family was religious and his father was an elder at one of the neighborhood chapels. As a tyke at whatever point he was in a congregation that had unrecorded music and singing he was the happiest and appreciated numerous a day singing gospel music.

Throughout his long music profession every once in a while he floated out of music and into lecturing and after that back again into music...

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Jerry Lee Lewis: Rock and Roll Singer, Pianist, and One of the Legendary Founders of Rock and Roll

At times there are famous person artists and performers that have carried on with a long and storied life yet with the progression of time are not given enough

Jerry Lee Lewis

acknowledgement for their extraordinary commitments to music. One such individual is the unparalleled Jerry Lee Lewis. Jerry Lee was conceived in Ferriday, Louisiana in 1935. His guardians were Elmo and Mamie Lewis. Despite the fact that they were poor they upheld his try to sing and play his own particular style of rock and move music. They even took an advance out on their ranch to purchase him a piano.

In 1956 Jerry Lee headed out to Memphis, Tennessee to try out for Sun Records. The point when Sam Phillips, the originator of Sun heard his recording he knew then and there that he had a craftsman that truly had something he could...

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Life Story of Willie Dixon, Songwriter and Musician

Life stories of many musicians are inspirational and Dixon’s is not exceptional. Willie Dixon is one of the greatest Song writers in the music and entertainment industry. This great American Musician was a gifted, determined, confident and intelligent individual. This man helped the evolving of Blues music to another level during the

Willie Dixon

1940’s up to the 1980’s. He was born in 1st July 1915 at a place called Vicksburg in Mississippi. His mother was called Daisy and she was very much influential in his life.

Dixon tried to imitate his mother who used to turn everything she said into rhymes. However, it is important to note here that his first influence in music came when he was at the age of seven years...

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Rolling Stones: Bad Boys or Good Old Men

In an interview, Mick Jagger said the he thought that the Rolling Stones were only getting to last a few years. They certainly have been around more than a few years.

The Rolling Stones

Cover of The Rolling Stones

They have been around for about five decades

The Rolling Stones were formed in London in 1962. They will be marking their 52nd anniversary in 2014. American terms, they came together as a band seven years before America went to the moon. There have been nine presidents since 1962. Barack Obama, the current president of the United States, was born one year before the band came together.

The members of the Rolling Stones are old men now, but they were once nicknamed the Bad Boys of Rock and Roll. Once, supposedly, Mick Jagger and David Bowie were in bed together...

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